Public, Private, Multi-Tenant or Hybrid: Which Cloud is Right for You?

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In a recent study, more than half of business leaders surveyed said they expect 45% or more of their applications to operate in a cloud environment within three years. The reasons vary from the technical to the financial, with numerous variants in between.

However, while business leaders and end-users are dreaming of all that the cloud can do for them, IT leaders understand that moving an application to the cloud also means moving data to the cloud. And, that brings with it a number of concerns such as security, compliance and performance.

As the number of businesses moving to the cloud grows, so too do the number of cloud options from which to choose: private, hosted private, multi-tenant and public, as well as combinations of all four.

In this ebook, we’ll take a look at:

  • the reasons for moving to the cloud,
  • your options,
  • and how to make choices that work best for your applications and your organization.