According to a Global IWG study, 70% of surveyed employees say they work outside of the office at least one day per week.

The way we work has changed. Long gone are the days where your employees are centrally located in one office from 9-5. To stay successful in this new world, you need to empower your employees to be productive anywhere.

With any shift in the way we do business, new challenges arise: How do you manage security? How do you keep applications available? As an IT organization, how do you accomplish this while still handling the day-to-day tasks?

Thankfully, there are solutions that can help with this conundrum. Productivity suites, like Microsoft’s Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, help businesses meet these challenges head-on while ensuring document security and excellent employee experience.

Read our eBook where we share a story about IT Manager Lewis and how he manages his law firm’s IT operations with Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. In this eBook, we address:

  • Intelligent document security and threat protection
  • Managing stolen mobile devices and data
  • Staying on top of compliance regulations

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