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IT Strategy Workshop

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Major milestones require due diligence

Are you considering some changes or enhancements to your IT environments?  Do you have complex requirements for a large infrastructure project that is tied to major milestones in your company’s IT lifecycle? 

The IT Strategy Workshop is a great way to pressure test your assumptions and to fill the knowledge gaps in your strategy so you can decide with confidence when making a large investment or cultural shift with IT initiatives.  We can give infrastructure guidance with security strategy rehauls, cloud migrations, new cloud deployments, disaster recovery plans, digital transformation plans, reorgs and new hires, acquisitions, new product deployments, equipment upgrades, and more.

Ensure your IT strategy positions you for success

The IT Strategy Workshop is a complimentary workshop with TierPoint IT infrastructure experts--designed to provide guidance to organizations that are in the process of determining or reviewing their IT strategy or planning a strategic IT project.

The workshop is more involved than a cursory review yielding canned recommendations, however it less involved than a formal deep-dive assessment engagement. 

Workshop topics include security strategy, cloud strategy, digital transformation, disaster recovery, and Edge deployment optimization.


Format and agenda

Our team will spend roughly a half-day with you over three interactive sessions (phone and video conference--or in-person as soon as it's safe to do so in your area).

Facilitated by one of our Solution Architects, the workshop combines up-to-date industry and analyst insights, best practices, and a discussion of your business goals and IT operational model as it applies to your IT project.

  • We’ll start with an initial phone call to gain a high-level understanding of your goals, constraints, and the current state. Based on this info, we’ll ensure the correct TierPoint experts participate in the workshop and that they come prepared to discuss relevant issues and options for your organization.
  • The workshop itself is designed to both educate and collect information that will help us formulate customized guidance.
  • Finally, we’ll deliver and review our guidance about a week after the workshop. We will provide copies of the presentation for your further review.

Deliverable - take the best next steps

The end result is a deliverable that synthesizes the discussion into guidance specific to your IT environment and strategy and provides the information you need to take the best next steps.

Who should attend

Organizations with large IT environments and/or complex requirements who are planning cloud migrations or new cloud deployments find the workshop especially useful.

We recommend mid- and senior-level IT stakeholders responsible for strategic IT initiatives - including those responsible for:

  • IT Strategy & Planning
  • Architecture and Design
  • IT Management
  • Security
  • Migration