Find The Right Path for Your Cloud Migration

A key element of any successful cloud migration is a comprehensive assessment of the current environment, or, in other words, an organization's cloud readiness.  

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment helps determine the as-is state of your services and environments, and then translates that data to develop the future-state environment, along with defining a transition plan. The Assessment will:

  • Efficiently discover and provide IT asset inventory including infrastructure devices, servers, VMware hosts, and application stacks
  • Group application stacks and map dependencies
  • Design a future-state hybrid cloud solution based on current performance metrics
  • Understand TCO and ROI with projected cloud run costs broken down by different cloud platforms
  • Develop and plan the migration strategy  

Your deliverable will include:

  • A fully-justified cloud roadmap
  • Right-sized hybrid cloud design with estimated TCO and basic ROI
  • Migration wave plan based on dependencies

If you are planning a move to the cloud, don't miss this opportunity to develop a no-obligation roadmap for success. Contact us today to learn more.


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